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Avoiding Foot Injuries

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

Foot or ankle sprains and fractures are the most common types of injuries related to exercise and footwear. The type of exercise or sport influences the types of injuries. For example, runners and dancers may experience more stress fractures than soccer, football and basketball players who have more ankle sprains and fractures.

See a podiatrist for preventative well check ups as you do your primary care physician. Podiatrists have a wealth of knowledge and experience in biomechanics. The foot uniquely functions as a rigid lever to stabilize the body and in a moment’s instance must be a mobile adaptor to absorb shock and create motion/movement.

Many podiatrists specialize in sports such as ballet, hockey, ice-skating, soccer, football, dance, understanding more about the needs of high-level athletes and professionals.

Speaking for myself, it is as much joy to help the youngest little first time athlete, as it is for the professional dancers. Over the years, so many patients have improved their lives with podiatric consultation and care.

A few helpful tips:

Warm up. Stretch. Wear supportive footwear designed for your activity.

Dr Carol Callahan

October 20, 2018 drcarolcallahan.com

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